ETL Facebook Ads data to Google BigQuery

Facebook Ads is a popular advertising platform for running campaigns on Facebook.

Renta integrates your Facebook Ads data to Google BigQuery in 4 clicks. You’re free from writing ETL scripts and can get straight to analytics in your BI-tools.

Simple integration configuration

The integration configuration requires the following steps:

  1. Select Facebook Ads from the list of integrations
  2. Fill in your Facebook Ads account
  3. Specify the data for export
  4. Select your data warehouse

This is it. Transferring your Facebook Ads info to Google BigQuery is that easy with Renta.

Data structure of the Facebook Ads API

Renta supports the standard method of exporting statistics from an advertising account, including data from Business Manager.

Below are some supported report types.

Ad Insights

Provides additional data on advertisements, like ad status or URL.

API Insights

Single interface for getting ad account statistics

Campaign Insights

This method returns metadata on advertising campaigns, like campaign budget or status.