ETL Facebook Ads data to ClickHouse

Facebook Ads opens the door for advertising targeted at Facebook and Instagram users.

Renta automatically exports statistics from ad accounts and imports them to ClickHouse in a matter of minutes.

We ensure reliable and secure data updates in your own data warehouse.

How to create an integration?

This presentation demonstrates the creation process of an integration of Facebook Ads and ClickHouse.

The configuration process is in 4 stages:

  1. Select Facebook Ads as a data source;
  2. Add your advertising account;
  3. Specify parameters and metrics to export to your data warehouse;
  4. Add your ClickHouse database.
Data structure of the Facebook Ads API

Renta supports the standard method of exporting statistics from an advertising account, including data from Business Manager.

Below are some supported report types.

Ad Insights

Provides additional data on advertisements, like ad status or URL.

API Insights

Single interface for getting ad account statistics

Campaign Insights

This method returns metadata on advertising campaigns, like campaign budget or status.