Adding custom domain

Configuration of a custom domain for the Javascript SDK allows tracking on your website based on 1st party data.

We strongly recommend using your own subdomain to increase the quality of data collection as when the configuration is enabled, ad blockers and intelligent tracking protection (ITP) in Safari and Firefox browsers do not have any effect on the Renta Javascript SDK.


The advantages of using your own domain include:

  • Cookies are not blocked on the side of Safari and Firefox browsers.
    The cookie lifetime lasts for 2 years.
  • By ad blocking apps tracking is not blocked.
    For instance, AdBlock. 
  • Fast and simple integration(see below).   


  1. Create for your site a subdomain with a random name.
    For instance, .
  2. For the created subdomain, set the A-record The A-record is configured on the side of your hosting provider.
    A-record is required to connect your domain to the cookie installation server on the Renta Javascript SDK side.
  3. In the settings of the Javascript SDK data source specify the created subdomain in the Custom Domainfield

Example of a technical requirement

Listed below is the example of a letter that you can send to your IT department to set up a custom domain:


We plan to test server-side tracking to solve problems related to limiting the lifetime of cookies in Safari browsers. Since Safari does not limit the lifetime of 1st party cookies, we need to set cookies on behalf of our domain.

To solve this problem, create a subdomain with A-record

Pay attention to the address of the user domain in the letter:

  • Instead of s2s could be any name
    This name must be specified in settings when creating the Javascript SDK.
  • Instead of specify the address of the site for which tracking is being configured.


In this section, we have collected answers to possible questions when implementing a custom domain.

Application architecture

Your IT department may request information on the environment of the user domain that will be used.
As an answer, you can refer to the architecture of the Renta application.

Evaluation of the custom domain implementation

The whole point of setup on the IT side is to add an A-record to the hosting provider’s admin panel. This is a very simple procedure and takes no more than 10 minutes.