Display & Video 360 Source

Renta supports data export from Display & Video 360 to following destinations:

  • Google BigQuery
  • Clickhouse
  • SQL Server
  • Google Spreadsheets

Integration creating in data warehouse

  1. Go to integrations catalog;
  2. Select Display & Video 360;
  3. Add a Display & Video 360account that has the necessary data;
  4. Choose the added Display & Video 360account;
  5. Specify the destination you want to import the data into;
  6. Go to the settings screen and set necessary configuration:
  • Partners

The account in Display & Video 360 that has necessary data.

  • Advertisers account

The account of the advertiser.

  • Parameters

Parameters are the dimensions and metrics that are available in Display & Video 360API. You should specify parameters that are necessary for inserting.

Renta will create the table, which will automatically update by the given update settings.

The order of the chosen parameters in Rentas interface will be equal to tables column sequence.

  • Data range type

Choose the inserting period. You can specify any historical time interval.

In order to choose the required time, enter the date you want to start uploading data from in the “From” field, then enter the end date in the “To” field.

If you want the data in the table to update daily and be complemented by new days, you can set “yesterday” in the “To” field.

  • Integration name

There is an auto generated name for your integration and here you can edit it as much as you like.

Both Cyrillic and Latin are permitted, but not more than 100 symbols.

  • Table name

There is an auto generated name for your table and here you can edit it as much as you like.

Only Latin is permitted, numbers and “_” symbol.

Data Updating

Following updating settings are available for Display & Video 360:

  • Update time

You can specify any update time that you need. Users choose early morning integration updates most often, for example 5 AM.

In that case your integration will update in period from 5 AM to 6 AM.

  • Overwrite period

Overwrite period means rewriting historical data for a specified period of time.

For instance you choose the overwrite period “Last 7 days” – it means that all data for the last 7 days will be deleted and inserted once again with updated data.

Note: this tab appears only if parameters like Day/Date/Time Period etc have been chosen.

Data Structure

Report type Campaign performance

Parameters Description Type Data type

Number of times your Criteo ad is displayed to a user on publishers’ websites.

Dimension INTEGER
Clicks Parameters description Dimension String
cost Parameters description Dimension Int
Currency Parameters description Dimension Int

Sales Pc

Parameters description Dimension String

Same Sales Pc

Parameters description Metrics Int

Sales Pc Nd

Products identificator appropriate to
ERP-system and
product feed
Dimension Array
For Google Sheets,
SQL Server: string

Quotes and limits

Important note: Renta doesn’t provide any restrictions like amount of accounts, connectors, integrations or inserting date range.

But different resources have their own quotes and limits that doesn’t depend on Renta.

Limits for Display & Video 360:

  • Queries per project per day: 86,400
  • Queries per minute per project: 600

Link to the official documentation:


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