ETL Yandex Metrika Logs API data to ClickHouse

Logs API is a Yandex Metrika interface for providing its clients raw, unaggregated data about site visits.

Renta helps retrieve the data from Logs API for a detailed analysis in ClickHouse.

Simple integration configuration

The integration configuration requires the following steps:

  1. Select Yandex Metrika Logs API from the list of integrations
  2. Fill in your Yandex Metrika Logs API account
  3. Specify the data for export
  4. Select your data warehouse

This is it. Transferring your Yandex Metrika Logs API info to ClickHouse is that easy with Renta.

Data structure of the Yandex Metrika Logs API

Renta supports standard methods of exporting statistics from an advertising account.

Below are supported source types


Visits are grouped hits(events) which are used by counting websites visits.


Hits consist of events that were made by customers on a website.

Frequently asked questions:

Are there any restrictions in your payment plans?

Renta doesn’t have restrictions except for available data sources. You can create thousands of integrations and involve an unlimited number of accounts within one payment plan.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any moment and all your data will be saved. You simply won’t be able to update your data anymore.

Can I get help with integrations settings?

Yes, absolutely. Simply message us in chat.