ETL SocialBakers data to ClickHouse

Socialbakers is an AI-powered platform that helps brands collect and manage data from different social media in one place.

Renta can easily integrate Socialbakers with ClickHouse in a matter of minutes.

Simple integration configuration

How to set configuration:

  1. Select Socialbakers from the list of available integrations
  2. Fill in your Socialbakers account
  3. Indicate which data you need to retrieve
  4. Add your data warehouse

This is all you have to do to get your data to ClickHouse and start working on your brand’s growth.

Data structure of the SocialBakers API

Renta supports 2 standard methods of exporting statistics from an advertising account.

Below are supported report types.


Profile metrics endpoints return daily values for the specified set of metrics and profiles.

Profile metrics attribute data to the profile/page, focusing on when engagement happened, regardless if a post was published during the analyzed date range or not. Data is aggregated by when it happened, and it is not related to a specific piece of content.


The endpoints in this section return a list of posts/videos/tweets, accompanied by the fields you specify.

It can be an attribute of the post (text, created time, author, id, paid status) or metric (Number of comments, Number of Likes).