GetIntent Source

Renta supports data export from GetIntent to following destinations:

  • Google BigQuery
  • Clickhouse
  • SQL Server
  • Google Spreadsheets

Integration creating in data warehouse (DWH)

  1. Go to integrations catalog;
  2. Select GetIntent;
  3. Add a GetIntent account that has the necessary data;
  4. Choose the added GetIntent account;
  5. Specify the destination you want to import the data into;
  6. Go to the settings screen and set necessary configuration:


Parameters contains the list of parameters and metrics available for export. Specify the parameters required for uploading.

As a result, Renta will create the table that will contain the selected parameters data. The order of the selected parameters in the Rentas interface will match to the order of the table columns.

Date range type

Choose the inserting period. You can specify any historical time interval.

To select the necessary time, enter the date from which you want to start uploading data in the “From” field, then enter the end date in the “To” field.

If you want the data in the table to be updated daily and supplemented with new days, then enter “Yesterday” in the “To” field.

Detailed instructions for working with a date range.

Integration name

There is an auto generated name for your integration and here you can edit it as much as you like.

Both Cyrillic and Latin are permitted, but not more than 100 symbols.

The integration name is displayed on the Integration List page.

Table name

There is an auto generated name for your table and here you can edit it as much as you like.

Only Latin is permitted, numbers and “_” symbol.

Update time

You can specify any update time that you need. Users choose early morning integration updates most often, for example 5 AM.

In that case your integration will update in period from 5 AM to 6 AM.

Integrations are updating according to the time zone selected in your profile settings.

Overwrite period

Data overwrite period is a retrospective update of data for the selected period.

For instance you choose the overwrite period “Last 7 days” – it means that all data for the last 7 days will be deleted and inserted once again with updated data.

Note: this tab appears only if parameters like Day/Date/Time Period etc have been chosen.

Integration creating in Google Spreadsheets

Take advantage of the free extension available in the Google Workspace Marketplace. In order to do it:

  1. Install the extension Renta Spreadsheets Add-on.
  2. Then go to Google Sheets and in the Tools tab select Renta
  3. Press the Run button.

After that a workspace with integration settings will open in the right sidebar. Detailed instructions for creating an integration are available at this link. Please note that all integrations created in Google Spreadsheets are also available for management in the web version of Renta.

Data Structure

unique_impsUnique showsINTEGER
view_ratePercent of viewsPERCENTS
pccPost Click ConversionINTEGER
apccAssosiated Post Click ConversionINTEGER
pvcPost View ConversionINTEGER
data_costSpent on segmentsFLOAT
ag_revAgent discrount(RUB)FLOAT
ag_rev_prcAgent discrount(percent)PERCENTS
xclicksAbnormal clicksINTEGER
video_completion_25Amount of views 25% of videoPERCENTS
video_completion_50Amount of views 50% of videoPERCENTS
video_completion_75Amount of views 75% of videoPERCENTS
video_completion_100Amount of views 100% of videoPERCENTS
an_sessionsSessions from GA/YMINTEGER
an_bounce_rateBounces from GA/YMPERCENTS
an_pageviews_per_sessionPageviews per session from GA/YМFLOAT
an_avg_session_durationAverage session duration from GA/YМFLOAT
robotsRobots from YMPERCENTS
passing_indexPassing index (sessions/clicks)PERCENTS
anomaly_impressionAbnormal impressionsINTEGER
osOperation systemsSTRING
app_idName and ID of the mobile appSTRING
is_appFilter for mobile apps. Shows if there was an impressionBOOLEAN
browserUsers browserSTRING
countryUsers countrySTRING
site_idInner ID of the object. “Site”gives an understanding, which conversion countedINTEGER
is_videoFilter that shows if there was an impression on videoBOOLEAN
is_nativeFilter that shows if there was an impression on native adBOOLEAN
campaign_idName and ID of the campaignINTEGER
creative_idName and ID of the creativeINTEGER
device_typeType of the device (desktop/mobile/etc)STRING
week_numberWeeks numberINTEGER
app_categoryMobile app categorySTRING
advertiser_idName and ID of the advertiserINTEGER
click_anomalyReason why click indicated as abnormalSTRING
creative_sizeSize of the creativeSTRING
user_segmentsName of the segments that are related to userINTEGER
browser_versionUsers browser versionSTRING
conversion_nameName of the conversionSTRING
content_categoryCategory of the contentSTRING
top_level_domainTop level domain (i.e. for the domain it’s
campaign_currencyCampaigns currencySTRING
campaign_group_idName and ID of the campaigns groupINTEGER
dmp_segment_billedSegemnts that were used for the targetingSTRING
video_inventory_formatFormat of the inventory (in-stream/out-stream/etc)STRING