ActiveCampaign Source

Renta supports data export from ActiveCampaign to following destinations:

  • Google BigQuery
  • Clickhouse
  • SQL Server
  • Google Spreadsheets

Integration creating in data warehouse (DWH)

  1. Go to integrations catalog;
  2. Select ActiveCampaign;
  3. Add a ActiveCampaign account that has the necessary data;
  4. Choose the added ActiveCampaign account;
  5. Specify the destination you want to import the data into;
  6. Go to the settings screen and set necessary configuration:


Parameters contains the list of parameters and metrics available for export. Specify the parameters required for uploading.

As a result, Renta will create the table that will contain the selected parameters data. The order of the selected parameters in the Rentas interface will match to the order of the table columns.

Integration name

There is an auto generated name for your integration and here you can edit it as much as you like.

Both Cyrillic and Latin are permitted, but not more than 100 symbols.

The integration name is displayed on the Integration List page.

Table name

There is an auto generated name for your table and here you can edit it as much as you like.

Only Latin is permitted, numbers and “_” symbol.

Update time

You can specify any update time that you need. Users choose early morning integration updates most often, for example 5 AM.

In that case your integration will update in period from 5 AM to 6 AM.

Integrations are updating according to the time zone selected in your profile settings.

Integration creating in Google Spreadsheets

Take advantage of the free extension available in the Google Workspace Marketplace. In order to do it:

  1. Install the extension Renta Spreadsheets Add-on.
  2. Then go to Google Sheets and in the Tools tab select Renta
  3. Press the Run button.

After that a workspace with integration settings will open in the right sidebar. Detailed instructions for creating an integration are available at this link. Please note that all integrations created in Google Spreadsheets are also available for management in the web version of Renta.

Data Structure

Name Description Type
id ID of the campaign that was created. INTEGER
subscriberid ID of the subcriber INTEGER
listid ID of the list this contact bounced from. INTEGER
formid Form ID used for the campaign. INTEGER
seriesid ID of the series that this campaign is associated with. INTEGER
sdate The date when the campaign should be sent out (not used for campaign types 'responder', 'reminder'). Example: '2010-11-05 08:40:00' DATE
udate Unsubscribe date. DATE
status The status of the campaign. Example: 0 = draft, 1 = scheduled STRING
responder Responder. STRING
sync Synchronization. STRING
unsubreason Total number of unsubscribe reasons provided for unsubscriptions for this campaign. STRING
unsubcampaignid Campaign sent when unsubscribed. INTEGER
unsubmessageid Message sent when unsubscribed. INTEGER
first_name First name of contact. STRING
last_name Last name of contact. STRING
ip4_sub IP address of subscriber. STRING
sourceid ID of the source. INTEGER
sourceid_autosync ID of the source that provides auto sync. STRING
ip4_last Last used users IP address. STRING
ip4_unsub Users IP address while unsubscribing. STRING
listname Name of the list. STRING
lid Lid. INTEGER
ip4 Users IP address. DATE
a_unsub_time Exact time when user unsubscribed. STRING
a_unsub_date Exact date when user unsubscribed. DATE
cdate Exact date when user subscribed. DATE
email Users email. STRING
phone Users phone number. STRING
orgid Organization ID. INTEGER
orgname Name of the organization. STRING
segmentio_id ID of the segmentio. INTEGER
bounced_hard Bounced Hard. STRING
bounced_soft Bounced soft. STRING
bounced_date Bounced date. DATE
ip IP address. STRING
hash Unique hash for the contact. STRING
socialdata_lastcheck Last check of social data. STRING
email_local Local email. STRING
email_domain Domain email. STRING
sentcnt Nubmer of sent contacts. STRING
rating Rating. STRING
rating_tstamp Rating Date STRING
gravatar Gravatar. STRING
deleted Deleted. STRING
adate Adate. DATE
edate Edate. DATE
name Name. STRING
listslist List. STRING
bouncescnt Bounced contacts. STRING
tags Tags. STRING
Action_text Text of action. STRING
Action_type Type of action. STRING
Action_tstamp Tstamp of action. STRING
Field_id ID of the field. INTEGER
Field_title Title of the field. STRING
Field_descript Description of the field. STRING
Field_type Type of field. STRING
Field_isrequired Required field. STRING
Field_perstag Field perstag. STRING
Field_defval Default value of the field. STRING
Field_show_in_list Field in the list. STRING
Field_rows Row of the field. STRING
Field_cols Cols of the field. STRING
Field_visible Visible field. STRING
Field_service Service of the field. STRING
Field_ordernum Order number of the field. STRING
Field_cdate Date when field was created. DATE
Field_udate Date when field was updated. DATE
Field_val Value of the field. DATE
Field_relid Relationship ID field. INTEGER
Field_dataid INTEGER
Field_element Element of the field. STRING
Field_options Options of the field. STRING
Field_selected Selected field. STRING
Field_tag Tag of the field. DATE
Option_name Name of the option. STRING
Option_value Value of option. STRING
Option_isdefault Default option. STRING
Campaign_History_id ID of campaign history. INTEGER
Campaign_History_campaignname Campaign name of campaign_history. STRING
Campaign_History_sdate Sdate of campaign history. DATE
Campaign_History_email Email of campaign history. STRING
Campaign_History_subscriberid Subscriber ID of the campaign history. INTEGER
Geo_id Geographic location ID. INTEGER
Geo_tstamp Geographic location tstamp. STRING
Geo_ip4 Geographic location of IP address. DATE
Geo_country2 Geographic location of country. STRING
Geo_country Geographic location of country. STRING
Geo_state Geographic location of state. STRING
Geo_city Geographic location of city. STRING
Geo_zip Geographic location of ZIP Code. DATE
Geo_area Geographic location of area. STRING
Geo_lat Geographic location of lat. DATE
Geo_lon Geographic location of lon. DATE
Geo_tz Geographic location of tz. STRING
Geo_tz_offset Geographic location of offset tz. STRING
Geo_tstamp_ago Geographic location tstamp ago. STRING
Automation_history_name Automation history name. STRING
Automation_history_adddate Automation history addate. DATE
Automation_history_id ID of automation history. INTEGER

Quotes and limits

Important note: Renta doesn’t provide any restrictions like amount of accounts, connectors, integrations or inserting date range.

Limits for ActiveCampaign:

  • 5 requests per second per account.

Link to the official documentation