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We connect to the data sources you already use to run your business. Get answers to all business questions in one place.
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Features you will get with us:

Custom audiences of Google Analytics based on offline data.
No sampling. 100% raw data.
Automatic update to a paid channel costs
Best-in-class ETL with 20+ marketing platforms.
Real-time data streaming into BigQuery and ClickHouse
Aggregate and clean raw data so its ready for analysis in your BI tools.
Custom marketing attribution modeling
Use a custom attribution model to increase marketing ROI.
Combine all your
marketing and offline data
Renta connects to the data sources you already use to run your business. It pipes all of this data into one central data warehouse. Using our simple interface, you can get answers to all your business questions in one place.
100% match BigQuery
Export schema
All data coming into Google Analytics is duplicated in your data warehouse. The data format is similar to the export of Google Analytics 360 data to BigQuery.
Set the data warehouse for 3 minutes
Add java-script code in Google Tag Manager
Set the more info more data warehouse
Done. Now you can run your big setup.
Estimate your cost
Monthly Tracked Users (MTU) are the number of identified and anonymous users that you track. We only count users once per month, even if they perform multiple actions
100000 users
5 mln users
Users Pricing
100000 $115/mo$1,15/per 1000 users
400 000 $425/mo$1,0625/per 1000 users
800 000 $760/mo$0,95/per 1000 users
1 000 000 $950/mo$0,95/per 1000 users
2 500 000 $1 995/mo$0,798/per 1000 users
3 500 000 $2 793/mo$0,95/per 1000 users
5 000 000 $3 450/mo$0,69/per 1000 users
All tariff plans include:
  • Custom attribution modeling
  • Cost data import from: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Yandex.Direct, VK Ads, MyTarget
  • Consulting on: Google Analytics, Google BigQuery and ClickHouse
  • 30 day money back guaranteed
During onboarding our experts will consult you personally
on how to set up Google Analytics data collection, merge it with offline data and build custom attribution models to provide maximum ROI of your project
“ Renta’s customer success team ensures our system is fully operational and working at 100% efficiency. “
Denis Davydov Chief Technology Officer,
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