Looking for a Supermetrics alternative?

The easiest way to collect your data in Google Sheets.
Immediate and code free
4.8 Rating on G Suite Marketplace
Renta is the love child
of marketing and analytics

Renta picks up data from marketing analytics and sales platforms to arrange it in your spreadsheets. It allows you to have unlimited integrations and use numerous accounts.

The easier you navigate through your data, the faster you get to building reports. Renta is set to retrieve data in metrics and dimensions that you define yourself.

Differences between Renta and Supermetrics

Renta is designed to help you manage complex integrations in the simplest way. 3 clicks — and your data is where you need and how you want it.

We make sure your type of data doesn’t undergo any changes while transferring, i.e. text appears as string and numbers as int.

Renta gets all the data you requested properly grouped in your spreadsheets.

Safety and Marketing ETL

Renta never stores user data. It simply serves as a bridge between your data sources and spreadsheets. You can then transfer the stats from Google Sheets into your own data warehousing any moment — thanks to Renta Marketing ETL.

Need help?
Whenever you feel like you need assistance, we’re ready to connect and support you in our chat. Message us if you need help with:
integration settings
data sources and dimensions
building reports in BI software

For those who need to dive in even deeper we provide onboarding. This experience implies personal interaction with marketing analytics expert to help you optimize specific marketing KPIs.

Choose Your Plan
Google AdWords
Yandex Direct
Everything in Specialist Plan
Google Analytics
Facebook Ads
All another integrations

Are there any restrictions in your payment plans?

Renta doesn’t have restrictions except for available data sources. You can create thousands of iterations and involve unlimited number of accounts within one payment plan.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel any moment and all your data will be saved. You simply won’t be able to update your data anymore.

Can I test this Add-on somehow?

Sure. You can install Renta from G Suite Marketplace for free. The installation will activate your 7-day trial with no restrictions.

Can I get help with integrations settings?

Yes, absolutely. Simply message us in chat.

All your marketing data in Google Spreadsheets
The easiest way to collect your data in Google SheetsImmediate and code free
4.8 Rating on G Suite Marketplace