Salesforce to Google BigQuery in minutes

Salesforce is the #1 CRM platform.

The Renta Salesforce integration will ETL your Salesforce data to Google BigQuery in minutes and keep it up to date without the headache of writing and maintaining ETL scripts.

Renta automatically imports data from Salesforce to the data warehouse. Currently the following databases are supported:

  1. Google BigQuery.
  2. Microsoft SQL Server.
  3. Azure SQL database.

The data can then be used in different analytics systems like Power BI, Tableau, or in Excel.

Integration setup on the example of BigQuery

In this manual the example of Salesforce integration with Google BigQuery is presented.

Text transcript is provided below. After a successful authentication in Renta you need to create an integration. To do that, click on the Add button, and after that you will see the list of all possible integrations.

Choose Salesforce. Then you need to sign in using the account you need to get data from:

You can do that in just a few clicks: Click on the Add button, after that the Salesforce authentication window will open. Enter your login and password. After that:

Expected Salesforce data

Here’s a sample of the raw Salesforce data that Stitch will replicate to your analytics warehouse:


Represents an individual account, which is an organization or person involved with your business (such as customers, competitors, and partners).


Represents an opportunity, which is a sale or pending deal.


Represents a prospect or potential Opportunity.


Contains info about the users in your organization.


Contains info about your contacts, who are individuals associated with accounts in your Salesforce instance.